Portfolio Management Unique solutions built for your needs


A carefully constructed, well-managed portfolio is at the core of every successful wealth management plan. Maintaining the right combination of investments requires discipline and expertise. Using an asset selection strategy informed by Modern Portfolio Theory, we strive to construct portfolios that consistently display strong relative performance while minimizing portfolio volatility. Our independence allows us unfettered access to a myriad of investment tools often unavailable to retail investors. We achieve broad diversification across asset classes and global geographies all at low cost to our clients.

Our Approach

Through rigorous research, we identify best-of-breed investments for each asset class we include in our clients’ portfolios. From this universe of securities, we construct detailed asset allocations that address each of our client’s unique risk and return requirements.

As registered investment advisory firm, we have incentive to deliver low cost solutions that minimize the performance drain that internal expenses and transaction costs can impose on returns. When we use mutual funds, we exclusively use no-load, load-waived, or institutional share classes that offer the least expensive access to the manager or strategy we want to utilize.

We consider each of our clients’ outside accounts (401(k)s, 403(b)s, annuities) as a part of the portfolio, and strategize for tax efficiency wherever possible. We monitor your investments closely and make adjustments as needed to keep your assets aligned with your objectives.


Many customers of banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies simply do not understand what fees they pay for their investments. The large institutions that dominate the financial services industry often engage in indirect and complex charging practices. We made it a goal to do things differently.

Our fee is simple. We charge 1% annually on the value of the assets we manage. This fee covers portfolio management and ongoing financial planning services. It also places your investment advisor representative on retainer throughout the year should questions about personal finance arise. We bill quarterly in arrears and deduct our fee directly from your accounts. You will be able to easily find our fee as a line item on your brokerage statements. When you hire Fineberg Wealth Management, you will always know exactly what you are paying for our services.


In order to protect our client’s assets and provide excellent reporting and execution, we utilize the custodial services of Shareholders Service Group. Shareholders Service Group is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Learn More